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Coronavirus measures

  • ≪About new coronavirus infection prevention measures≫
    Higashiya Ryokan will take the following measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, taking into consideration the health and safety of our customers and employees.

    【Request to customers】
    ·Please refrain from staying if you have traveled abroad within 2 weeks.
    ·When you come to the museum, please cooperate in temperature measurement and disinfection of your hands.
    ·Please wear a mask when you come to the hotel.
    ·Please wear a mask as much as possible during your stay at the inn.
    ·Please refrain from making loud voices or eating or drinking for a long time during meals.

    【Measures for Higashiya Ryokan】
    ·A transparent acrylic plate is installed on the front desk to prevent droplet infection.
    ·The staff will serve customers by wearing masks.
    ·Common spaces such as lobbies and restaurants and guest rooms are ventilated by opening windows or by continuously operating ventilation fans.
    ·Common areas such as lobby chair tables, doors, handrails, toilets, and hot spring facilities are wiped with disinfectant.
    ·Guest room keys, doorknobs, tables, toilets, remote controls, hair dryers, and other equipment are wiped with a disinfectant when cleaning.
    ·A disinfectant is installed at the front desk and restaurant entrance.
    ·We measure the temperature of employees and manage their health.
    ·All staff wear masks and thoroughly wash their hands and disinfect their hands.
    ·The staff will serve customers with social distance as much as possible.
    ·At the time of meal, we will minimize the explanation of food by the staff.
    ·The restaurant seats will be provided with a tsuitate with sufficient space between them and the next seat.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.