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Shirabu Onsen and Higashiya Ryokan

  • Hirakiyu been Shirabu Onsen in 1312 year, Oitama Yonezawa region), Aizu of the border, and history to the early Edo period as the related hot springs and mountain religion Azuma Gongen in the Azuma Mountain Range, Uesugi Clan territory of Oitama district There was a Matsudaira Clan territory of Aizu district of the era to the early Meiji era that has been loved by the people. It is said that the Azumaya Shishido Clan open hot spring has a hot spring for generations.

    The area of the visitor is also the same number of people of the Uesugi clan and Aizu clan, and the Edo period is loved as a hot spring that is very popular with the people of a wide area, with the name of "one of Oshu Santakayu" It seems to have been.
    ※Oshu Santakayu and "Fukushima Takayu Onsen" "Yamagata Zao Onsen" "Shirabu Takayu Onsen" (Present Shirabu Onsen)
  • In the Meiji era, Higashiya Ryokan is connected to the present as a hot spring inn in a new era.

    On 26th March 2000, the fire at the next door burned the Higashiya similarly.The inn in the roof from the Edo era has disappeared but rebuilt in September 2001, one and a half years later.Although reconstruction of the crawl roof was impossible under the law, we incorporated wood mainly with cedar in the interior and reproduced the hospitality of the mountain residence.Boasting Takiyu (hot water) is a stone bathtub of old times, a soft shape with a corner tells the history from the Edo period.

    In 2012, which celebrates 700 years of hot water, a new union has joined the source area of Shirabu Onsen, where Jizo can be built one by one in 100 years.
  • <Shirabu Onsen source>

    Now about 700 years ago Masakazu first year (1312 years) Kamakura that in the Dewa Province 12 Dewa Province dwellers Sojun Sato Gokenin to discover this land enters divided middle Mt Nishi-Azuma of countries pilgrimage to enter the priesthood open I have a hot water. Natural self-propelled hot spring that springs from highlands of 900 meters above sea level is a colorless transparent odorless and tasteless sulfate spring and it is a hot spring with plenty of hot water (1500 L / min).
    Thank you for this blessing from heaven, every year on June 12 the “Gensen (spring source) Festival” will be held seriously, and in addition to the great thanks to the past, we will dedicate a unit of Jizo to the 100th annual festival. We will continue to ask for the everlasting outpouring. One more body increased in 2012 (hot spring 700 years).
  • <Yakushi Nyorai Sondo>

    Since ancient times Japanese hot springs have played a role like a hospital which cures sickness.Shirabu Onsen lot of people wished for sickness recovery while doing hot spring treatment also at Shirabu Onsen.Takashi Yakadono of the hotel is also a place to which the sick people desire, "Even if you suffer from incurable illness you will surely be saved."We have gathered the people's deep faith.The mossy stone steps connecting from the inn's bathhouse to Hideno are witnesses of the custom of the time.Currently as a residence god of a ryokan, he is keenly appointed to Shirabu and watches quietly the development of Shirabu.
  • <Shirabu Saigoku 33 Kannon>

    Higashiya Ryokan 24 generations family head Sozaemon Shishido is, to pray that Naru peace of Ikuyo, which was erected in 1729 year (1729) in response to the Bunrei pilgrimage the Saigoku 33 Kannon along with the mason, 250 years As the thirty-three Kannon of the stone building that was collected in one place in the previous construction, there are only a few places in Tohoku and is considered unusual.
    Uesugi Clan's predecessors are also particularly concerned, and every time there is an opportunity, one of the stone lanterns in the grounds is said to be donated by the Uesugi Clan.
    In addition, "Shikoku 88 places" where Sasano Kannon priests were pilgrimaged and received a part-time Sasano Kannon in the precincts was also completed and laid down in Showa 50. Stone Buddha such as Jizō Jizo and Peking God is also enshrined.
  • <The monument of "Joshu Naoe Teppo Tanzo (gun forging) Ruins">

    The Uesugi Clan was sealed from 1.2 million Aizu 300,000 Yonezawa in the Qingcho 6 (1601) period, and Kanetsugu Naoe of the elder worked on the maintenance of the castle town as well as embarking on the manufacture of guns that could be said to prepare for battle
    We called firearms from the Kansai area, and manufactured the guns at the remote Shirabu Takayu (now Shirabu Onsen). It is said that the number of guns built will amount to 1000.
    In addition, Naoe issued "Teppo Keiko Sadame Kodoku," which describes how to shoot guns, and encouraged shooting training. The gun production and shooting training encouragement was successful in the “Siege of Osaka in Winter” and was later awarded with a letter of thanks from Hideharu Hidetada Tokugawa.