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Higashiya hospitality

  • Seventy or more years, Higashiya's hospitality inherited from the previous generation is "to greet the heart warmly."
    I continue to carefully keep it now.

  • Tengendai customers going to Tengendai

    Tengendai Plateau located 5 minutes by car from Higashiya.It is one of Japan's famous mountain mountains, where you can enjoy trekking in summer and skiing in winter.Guests of the hotel have the following services.

    ★Free pickup
    Tengendai will send you a car to Tengendai Yumoto Station. We can pick you up if you can call us back home.(Negotiable with time)

    ★Bath after check out
    After trekking and skiing, if you can come back "I'm home!", You can take a bath again.

    ★Ropeway · Lift Discount Coupon
    We have given you a special discount ticket.

Welcome with children!

  • ★There are rental equipment for children.
    (Baby chair, Bucket for diaper disposal, toy,
    Bath mat etc ...Please consult the front desk.
    ★Family bath (charter), baby's hot spring debut is also safe!
    ★Milk can be made with room with electric pot in room.
  • ★By pre-registering, children's meals can be prepared.
     You can choose a child meal (elementary school students) or a kids meal (infants).
     A separate fee will be charged.
    ★We also have dishes for dishes.
    ★Please consult about baby food etc. which needs heating in the microwave oven.
  • Anniversary·Celebration help

    Higashiya, I will assist you with important memorial days and celebrations.
    If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    ★Preparation of surprise cake with message (size and fee is negotiable).

    ★There is a sparkling mini bottle for a toast.
      Takahata sparkling wine Yoshi, (200 ㎖ · ¥ 1,000)


Internet useWi-Fi is available in the facility.
Depending on your room it may be difficult to connect, so please understand.
You can use it in the lobby.
Allergic responsePlease understand that we cannot prepare a perfect allergy-friendly food, although we can handle it to the extent that we can remove ingredients that we are not good at.
Accommodation with 1 personWe are accepting accommodation with one person if there is room in the room at Higashiya.
In that case please apply directly to the hotel by phone.
About futonBasically I will give you a futon at breakfast.
For those who wish, we will keep your futon until checked out.
Please tell the staff.
Can you send a courier service? You can send. It becomes Yamato Transport.
In winter, it may take some time depending on traffic conditions.
  • ■Free rental items■
    * Wheelchair
    * Seating chair
    * humidifier
    * Air cleaner
    * Children's chair
    * Boots·Sandals (For adults only)
    * Sled, Snowy goods

    The number is limited.
    If you wish, please tell the front desk.